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ASP.NET Core 5 suppot!


Dear friends! Today we are glad to inform you about the launch of support of the updated ASP.NET Core 5 platform on our hosting!


A few days ago, Microsoft has introduced a significant new version of the .NET 5. It is shaped by the unification of the .NET Framework, .NET Core and Mono.
NET 5 provides users with a single open framework and runtime that can be used in various areas of development and on different platforms. 
A stack for developing web applications ASP.NET Core 5.0 and ORM-layer Entity Framework Core 5.0 are also updated. 

.NET 5.0 and C # 9 support already comes with Visual Studio 2019 updates and is included in the free Visual Studio Code editor.
.NET 5 web application publishing mechanism on hosting has not been changed - IIS web-publishing is recommended.