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Hosting services

Additional hosting services that make your work more efficient and your life easier

Corporate e-mail service LiteOffice Mail
A user-friendly email service for businesses of all sizes. Your company gets data protection, team sharing of files and calendars, a simple web interface, and more. Choose a tariff with the resources you need now. And in the future you can increase or decrease the number of email addresses and disk space depending on your current needs. If required, RealHOST team will help you to create and configure records in DNS zone. LiteOffice Mail is a quick start of your business communication and always efficient work.
Seafile Storage
This is an additional service that extends the possibilities of corporate mail. A user who has a LiteOffice Mail mailbox automatically gets a cloud storage account. Seafile gives an opportunity to store files directly in the cloud and synchronize them to workplaces. Our clients can collaborate on office documents and share large files securely thanks to this service. Try and experience how practical the cloud file storage service is.
Storage FTP/SMB
This is a file storage for backups. The service will help you to store your data safely. Backups of websites, VPS, databases, favorite photos, videos or music files - all these data will be safe with FTP/SMB storage service. And you will have access to a massive amount of important information wherever you are. All you need is a device connected to the Internet, credentials and any client that supports FTP or SMB/CIFS protocols.