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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to frequently asked questions from customers who want to use online hosting services

I want to buy a domain from you. What NS (name servers) should I specify when registering a domain?

When registering a domain name, if your site will be hosted on RealHOST hosting, you should specify the following domain NS servers:


If you need to send a registered domain on a third-party hosting, specify the NS of your current hosting and write them for the domain name.

What is the minimum period for which a domain can be registered?

The domain is registered or renewed for a period multiple of one year. That is, you can register and simultaneously pay for a domain name for a year, two or more (but up to a maximum of 10 years). But registration for a few months or weeks is not possible.

Also, if the domain is already paid for and renewed in the registry, you will not be able to cancel it, make changes to the transliteration, cancel the registration, reduce the domain term or refund.

How long does it take to register a domain?

After you enter all the required data in the domain registration application form and pay for the domain, the system automatically sends the application for registration to the official registry. Registration time depends on the domain zone.

Normally, Ukrainian regional second-level domains (such as,,,,, etc.), generic top-level domains (such as .com, .gov, .biz, .org, .net, etc.), newGTLD (such as .coffee, .media, .club, .photo, .radio and others) are registered almost instantly, up to 10 minutes. But in some cases, there may be a delay of up to 24 hours from the time the Registrar receives the application.

Domain registration in the .UA zone requires verification of the data of the trademark owner (TM). Therefore, registration may take up to three days, and sometimes there is a delay of up to 14 days.

What characters can be used when registering a domain?

If you want to register a domain in the traditional Latin alphabet (that is, not a Cyrillic domain name), you should remember the following:

  • Use only Latin letters, numbers and "-" (hyphen);
  • Upper case characters (i.e. capitalization) do not matter, the domain name will still be displayed in small letters;
  • The domain name must begin and end with a letter of the Latin alphabet or a number (that is, a domain cannot begin with a hyphen);
  • Two hyphens in a row may not be used in writing;
  • The minimum length of a domain is 2 characters, not counting the separating dots and the zone name; for .info and .biz zones, it is 3 characters (but all short names have long been taken);
  • The maximum length of a domain level name (what is written between the separating dots) cannot be more than 63 characters;
  • The full length of a domain name, including zone name, subdomain name and separating dots, must not exceed 255 characters.
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Why do we need a domain name?
Why do we need a domain name?

Today, it's hard to imagine any business or organization without an Internet site. They perform different functions: they tell about the range of goods or services offered or report on the success of the business. A website is the face of every company. But it is impossible without a domain.

A domain name is the unique address of a site by which it can be found on the Internet. Usually, they look like, with .com being the domain zone or first-level domain, and example being the second-level domain.

The name must be chosen carefully because it can serve several purposes at once:

  • to give an understanding of the scope of work;
  • to attract and interest the customer;
  • be a memorable business card of a business or organization.
How to choose a new domain when registering for a company
How to choose a new domain when registering for a company

1. Pay attention to the domain zone. The most common options in Ukraine are,, net,, com. The attitude to them is appropriate - they are familiar and therefore refer to stability. Also popular are pro and biz - they hint at the professionalism and the scope of activities. A different story - to register a site in the .ua zone. For this, you will need a trademark registered in Ukraine, so you will have to provide the appropriate documents

But you do not have to fixate on the most popular domain zones. With a well-chosen zone, even albeit rarely used, your chances of being remembered grow precisely because of the exoticism of the name.

2. Think carefully about what the address will be. It must:

  • Be easy to remember and pronounce. Test on employees or friends to see if they can spell the chosen domain correctly by ear.
  • It should not be long. Better - no more than two words, without numbers and characters such as hyphens or underscores, this can be confusing to the user.

Short and beautiful domains may already be taken. Do not despair. Try another zone or change the name a bit.
Some companies buy several addresses in different zones:,, In that case, they set up redirections from additional ones to the main site. This is a sensible step. Firstly, if the user makes a mistake with the end, he will still get to your site. Secondly, if your competitors decide to make extra money on the popularity of your name, they will not be able to buy a similar domain and mislead customers

How much a domain costs and what to do after its registration
How much a domain costs and what to do after its registration

The price can vary. This is influenced by many factors, but the key one is the domain zone. Usually, the cost for .ua or .com will be higher than the others. But the choice should not be guided by how much it costs. Against the background of other costs, the price will not be critical or decisive.
Domain registration is an easy and fast process. You choose a name, check if it is not occupied, pay for it, and it's done. Keep in mind, you do not buy the address forever, but in fact, it is rented. So it's important to renew it in time so that others don't take it over. The easiest way not to forget to do this is to set up automatic renewal and top up your personal account.

What to do after registering a domain?

A domain is the address of an Internet site. And the site itself "lives" on the hosting. These are the two main services for any site. A convenient option - is to order hosting from the same provider. In this case, the services will be provided in conjunction, you do not have to remember who has what. In addition, it is convenient for the operator to provide technical support, when both the hosting and the domain are located in the same place.