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Superfast Websites

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Website Migrations

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Popular tariffs

ASP.NET hosting
Popular tariff
45.00 /1 mo
  • SITE
    1 domain
  • DISK
    1000 MB
    1 domain / 5 mailboxes
  • FTP
    1 user
    1 MSSQL database
LiteOffice Mail
100.00 /1 mo
  • 10 pcs
  • 50 GB
    Mailbox storage
  • 100 GB
    Seafile storage
Stor - CIFS/SMB storage
20.00 /1 mo
  • Minimum volume
    10 GB
  • Maximum volume
    1000 GB
  • Access via FTP / FTPS protocol
  • Access via CIFS / SMB protocol
  • Access speed
    up to 1 Gbit/s
PHP hosting
50.00 /1 mo
  • SITE
    3 domains
  • DISK
    2000 MB
    3 domains / 15 mailboxes
  • FTP
    3 users
    3 MySQL databases
Windows VPS
840.00 /1 mo
  • 4 GB
  • DISK
    40 GB
  • CPU
    2 cores
    200 MBit / sec
Linux VPS
220.00 /1 mo
  • RAM
    2 GB
  • DISK
    40 GB
  • CPU
    3 cores
    200 MBit / sec

Our Statistics

Statistics and hosting options

High availability of services is provided due to duplication of communication channels, power and fault-tolerant disk subsystem

Network load below the average provides excellent speed for hosting

A sufficient number of free resources allow to distribute the load on all servers in the RealHOST cluster evenly

Frequently Asked Questions Hosting

Answers to frequently asked questions of beginners who want to use hosting services on the Internet

What is the difference between "Shared hosting" service and "Virtual server" service?
  • Shared hosting - is a service for creating and managing a site, when a client is provided with a login and password to log into the web control panel, which has all the necessary tools for this. The user has access to editors of domain zones, virtual hosts, a web interface to DBMS management and many others.

    Virtual server - is a simulation of a physical server located on the Internet. As a part of this service, the hosting provider::
    - deploys a virtual machine using hardware virtualization; 
    - assigns a dedicated white IP address to the server;
    - provides login and password to access the control panel, which has the tools for managing the server (power on, shutdown, reboot, web access to the console, etc.).

    Shared hosting provides a fully configured environment for hosting the site and a convenient control panel, but it is limited by the programming platforms that the panel supports, as well as the established limits (for the use of RAM, CPU and disk subsystem). As a rule, on one hosting IP-address,  many other sites are hosted.

    Virtual server provides to advanced user the opportunity to configure the environment "for himself", to install any software, configure and apply any configuration. There are almost no restrictions (only in the amount of resources of the virtual machine itself). But, in this case, higher user training and experience for using the server are required. The IP address allocated to the server is used exclusively by him.
My domain is registered on another hosting. How can I transfer my hosting to RealHOST?
  • In general, there is no difference where the domain was registered and where the domain zone is currently being serviced. The site can be placed without problems on a RealHOST platform. In this case, there are two options:

    1. The domain remains at the current registrar:
    - in this case, in the domain settings you must change the NS domain servers to the following:,
    After making these changes, the domain zone should be managed on RealHOST hosting. Usually this is done in the shared hosting control panel.

    2. The domain is transferred to RealHOST:
    - to transfer a domain, you must send to the domain transfer code , which you can get from the current domain registrar. After we receive the transfer code, the domain will be transferred and it can be managed on RealHOST hosting.
What happens if the hosting will not be paid and extended on time, data will be lost and everything
should be reconfigured anew?
  • The billing system automatically sends to the contact e-mail adresses reminders about dates of payment and renewal of the hosting services.
    In a situation when the ordered service on the hosting was not paid on time, it automatically stops and the service is blocked. For a certain period, we keep your account, including all sites, domains, servers, and all settings remain intact. You can top up your balance and extend the service at any time.

    - the term of storage of the disabled service "Shared Hosting" - 12 months
    - the term of storage of the disabled "Virtual Server" service - 1 month
    - the term of storage of the disabled "Mail for Business" service - 6 months

    A few days before the end of the storage period of the disabled hosting service, the billing system sends out warnings about the upcoming removal of the account. 
    After the expiration of the service’s storage period, all data and settings are permanently deleted.
I need only an email for the domain. What is the optimal tariff I should choose?
  • Maybe you should pay attention to the email service for business. Unlike standard email, which is available in any hosting tariff plan, corporate email for a domain is destined to organize the mail system of small and medium-sized businesses. It is distinguished by advanced features and attractive price, in comparison with analogues. ПLearn more on the Mail for Business page.
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