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Virtual Servers

Virtual servers by RealHOST for IT professionals, developers or advanced users
All plans include:
Easy control panel
All-flash SSD storage
Real ipv4 address
Reverse dns control
Free backup storage
VNC console
Failover platform

A server cluster that provides VPS hosting is located in a reliable Tier-III data center, assembled using a high-speed Infiniband 40Gb/s network, powerful Supermicro servers, Microtik routers and gigabit uplinks to the Internet. All cluster nodes are duplicated, hardware redundancy is provided. All cluster server data is located on the distributed SDS Ceph block storage in the all-flash pool (only SSD disks).

This solution provides us with maximum fault tolerance and guarantees long uninterrupted operation with minimal downtime.

Virtual servers for any task

Virtual servers in RealHOST use KVM (Kernel-based virtual machine) virtualization technology - one of the most popular, reliable and fast hypervisors used by professionals around the world.
The productivity of a virtual machine running KVM is almost the same as the productivity of a physical server.

Any client will be able to choose a server for himself from the available tariff plans to solve any problems - from a simple web server with one site to a multi-user terminal server.


Automatic deployment

Server deployment is fully automatic.

On the platform of the RealHOST hosting provider, the most popular open-source OS distributions are available for installation: CentOS 7/8/Stream, Ubuntu 14.04 / 16.04 / 18.04, Debian 7/8/9/10, FreeBSD 9/10/11/12, as well as server versions of Microsoft Windows: 2012/2016/2019


Backup and recovery

We provide each customer with free space in the amount of services that they have ordered to perform their own backups

Reverse Records Management

You have the ability to manage reverse records of your domains.
DNS is a system of computers that provides the necessary infrastructure for viewing information on the World Wide Web. The main function of DNS servers is to translate domain names into IP addresses. To obtain the required IP address in the network (domain address record: A-record), your local computer sends a request to your Internet provider to its DNS servers, which, in turn, returns the IP address to which you send the request. Thus, with this structure, information about changes on the side of DNS servers is not instantaneous, and that is why it takes time to see the changes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to frequently asked questions from customers who want to use online hosting services

Is it possible to change the amount of RAM or disk space after ordering a server?

Yes, it is possible. At any time, you can change the physical parameters of the server - the number of CPU, RAM and disk size.
But there is one limitation - you can change the disk size only upward.

Can I install my own version of the operating system?

The control panel offers templates of the most popular operating systems for automatic deployment. However, if you need to install an OS of your own build or a system that is not listed, you can download your ISO image in the control panel and install the system from it manually.

Do you carry out server backups?

We do not automatically backup all servers. Often it is simply not necessary, but creates an extra load on the hosting.
For data backup, any client who has ordered a Virtual Server is provided with FTP/SMB Storage (Stor-0 tariff) free of charge in the amount of the ordered server. For example,

  • You ordered one VPS with a disk capacity of 40 GB. You are given the opportunity to order the FTP/SMB Storage service for free at the Stor-0 tariff, according to which 40 GB will be automatically allocated for storing backup copies;
  • You ordered a second VPS with a disk capacity of 60 GB. The Stor-0 FTP / SMB Storage service, ordered earlier, will be automatically recounted to a capacity of 100GB.

Any solution can be used to configure server data backup, we recommend Veeam Agent for Windows FREE.

How many IP addresses can I order in addition to the virtual server?

The limit of allocated addresses depends on the tariff plan:

  • KVM-S1 - 3
  • KVM-S2 - 5
  • KVM-S3 - 8
  • KVM-S4 - 10
  • KVM-S5 - 13
  • KVM-S6 - 16
  • KVM-WS1 - 3
  • KVM-WS2 - 6
  • KVM-WS3 - 10
  • KVM-WS4 - 16
Do you need more help?
Please, see the knowledge base on this topic
Knowledge base
What is a VPS
Advantages of a virtual machine
For whom a cloud VPS is suitable
What is a virtual server?
What is a virtual server?

Virtual server hosting (virtual private server) is a service that simulates the work of a dedicated physical server as much as possible. Full virtualization technology allows to distribute resources of one physical server between several VPS.

It is important that the virtual servers are isolated and work independently one from another. Everyone can freely dispose of guaranteed resources, which will not have to share with anyone else. Therefore, the actions of the neighbors on the VPS will not affect the performance of your projects.

What benefits does renting a virtual server bring to the user?
What benefits does renting a virtual server bring to the user?
  • Control. When you order a virtual dedicated server, you control it like a physical one, with root privileges, i.e., administrator rights. You control the users of the system, decide what software or operating system to install, and have the right to change files and server settings as you wish.
  • Freedom to choose software. You have the ability to install any software and configure the application and system settings depending on personal preferences. Once connected, the default virtual web server will be empty.
  • The most popular open-source OS distributions and server versions of Microsoft Windows are available for installation on RealHOST hosting. Virtual dedicated servers will deploy automatically. If you need help or advice, the RealHOST support service specialists will promptly come to assist you. Professionals will respond in a prompt manner to the point in the ticket messages or, if necessary, connect a paid tech support.
  • No limits on data placement. A purchased dedicated virtual server on the use of system resources can only be limited to the ordered tariff. You can host as many databases, sites, domain zones, FTP-clients and mailboxes as your plan resources allow. You can expand the physical parameters of the server at any time by ordering more RAM, CPU, disk space, etc.
  • VPS provides a unique IP address (IPv4) unlike shared hosting, where dozens or hundreds of projects are stored on the same IP. And whether your IP is blacklisted or filtered by email services depends only on your actions, not the actions of your server neighbors.

Yes, the cost of a virtual server is higher than the usual shared hosting, but it is in any case much cheaper than buying a physical server. Consider also that you will save time and costs for setting up and maintaining the equipment. You will be able to experience the complete capabilities and power of a physical server thanks to full virtualization technologies.

Who benefits from renting a virtual server.
Who benefits from renting a virtual server.
  • Order a virtual server if you are a programmer or administrator who needs to serve multiple projects simultaneously. We are sure that you will appreciate the speed of VPS, the flexibility of settings and the ability to place an unlimited amount of data within your tariff.
  • Buying Linux vps server or virtual Windows server will also be interesting for owners of online stores with a large number of products and a good flow of visitors. Thanks to VPS website will always be available for visitors, and your sales will not suffer from slowdowns or interruptions in the work of the web resource.
  • Also, if you have a corporate website where the information changes every hour, and you see that the power of a conventional hosting project is not enough, then VPS is your choice.

If buying a dedicated physical server, the cost of setting up and its ongoing maintenance is impractical or expensive now for you, it is more profitable to rent a virtual server.VPS will be an optimal compromise between the affordability of virtual hosting and the power of a dedicated physical server.