Virtual server rent

To ensure quality service "Virtual Server" we use:

Datacenter Tier-III level

Placement of servers in a reliable DC
(location in Kiev)

Powerful Supermicro servers

dual processor platforms
on modern Xeon processors

SSD Disk storage all-flash

SDS (software defined storage) Ceph
exclusively on SSD drives

Gigabit uplink

gigabit internet connection
with redundant links

Backup storage FTP/SMB

storing backup data
with access via FTP/FTPS and CIFS/SMB protocols

Own pool of IP addresses

autonomous system
IP addresses AS-58066

All plans included


SSD drives only

We use only high-speed SSD drives based on SDS Ceph to host virtual servers

Unlimited number of snapshots

Возможность создания любого кол-ва мгновенных снимков VPS и их быстрого восстановления

DoS / DDoS Protection

We provide customers with basic virtual server protection against DoS / DDoS attacks.

Up to 16 additional IP addresses

Depending on the tariff plan, up to 16 additional addresses are provided for the VPS.

Installing your OS version

Ability to download ISO image to install your version of the operating system

Free trial period of 3 days

A test period of 3 days is available for evaluating VPS testing.

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