Reliable and perfect solution for synchronization and file sharing

The expansion of corporate email service "LiteOffice Mail"

Reliable file synchronization

Organize your files into libraries. Any library can be selectively synchronized with any device. Reliable and efficient file synchronization increases your productivity.

Seafile Drive Client

Access to files in the cloud on the local drive S: without their synchronizing. Expands the local disk space due to the large storage capacity on the server. Files can also be used offline.

Built-in file encryption

The library can be encrypted with a password you chose. Files will be encrypted before synchronization with the server. Even the system administrator will not be able to view your files.

Access control

Libraries and folders can be accessed by users or groups with read-only or read-write permissions. Files can be accessed by external users through open or password protected links.

Mobile Access

Access files through Seafile mobile clients. Both Android and iOS are supported. Cached files can be used offline without a network environment.

Integration with OnlyOffice editors

Edit popular DOCX, XLSX, PPTX office document formats directly in your browser thanks to integration with OnlyOffice online editors.

Frequently Asked Questions Hosting

Frequently asked questions about the Seafile cloud storage service

How and for what purposes can Seafile be used?
  • Seafile cloud storage is a simple and, at the same time, very convenient and powerful tool for storing files in the cloud.
    The most common service usage scenarios:
    - storage of user files in the cloud and synchronization to workstations;
    - connection Seafile as an external cloud disk (flash drive in the cloud);
    - exchange of large files between users;
    - work in office documents in the cloud, including coperation (thanks to integration with OnlyOffce editors).
How is Seafile integrated with LiteOffice Mail corporate mail?
  • The Seafile service is integrated with the "LiteOffice Mail" corporate mail service and is submitted as an add-on that expands its capabilities.
    Both services use a common authentication point - LDAP directory.
    If you have a mailbox in LiteOffice Mail, then you also have a Seafile cloud storage account.
    Also, Seafile is the main file storage for LiteOffice Mail webmail, it allows you to save and attach email attachments directly to the file cloud.
Can I use Seafile on my mobile?
  • Seafile client application is available for almost all operating systems, both desktop and mobile.
    Links for download and installation can be found on the official download page.
Can I use Seafile to store backups?
  • Seafile is not very suitable for data backup. Any deleted file on the client will also be deleted in the cloud at the next synchronization.
    But, if you turn off and do not use file synchronization, you can simply transfer the backup data to the cloud drive.
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