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Blazing fast & stable hosting infrastructure for popular programming systems - PHP and .NET platform
All plans include:
Easy control panel
Free SSL Certificates
Redundant DNS
E-mail Service
Authomated Backups
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to frequently asked questions from customers who want to use online hosting services

How to determine the minimum required tariff plan for hosting my site?

In general, it is enough to know how many sites you plan to host and how much files and databases your sites take up.

In addition, it is important to understand that the disk space for hosting files specified in the tariff plans includes the volume of the site’s files, the volume of e-mail, and the size of all databases. Consider these factors when choosing a tariff plan.

My site is on Wordpress, what kind of hosting is better for me?

To host sites on WordPress CMS, we recommend using our PHP hosting PHP hosting platform. For simple sites of small volume, as a rule, a minimum tariff (PHP-Junior) is enough.

In addition, the ASP.NET hosting platform also supports the operation of sites in the PHP language (including WordPress), however, this support is optional, and we can not give 100% guarantees of its working.

Is it possible to change the tariff plan up or down if it is necessary?

Any shared hosting plan can be changed upwards, changes are accepted immediately and automatically.

You cannot perform an automatic change in the direction of reduction. However, if there is a need, you can send a request to the hosting support center or e-mail A hosting technical support specialist will help you to perform this operation in manual mode.

All procedures for changing tariff plans are FREE OF CHARGE. The billing hosting system recounts the validity period of the current tariff plan in accordance with the terms of the new one.

What CMS (content management system) are supported on the hosting?

Thanks to the support of multiple versions of PHP and the CageFS virtual file system, the PHP hosting platform supports almost all popular CMS and development frameworks for this platform: Wordpress, Opencart, Prestashop, Drupal, Joomla, ModX, Laravel, Symphony and many others.

Within the same shared hosting account, there can operate several sites running on different versions of the PHP language. In addition, each version of PHP has its own individually configurable set of modules.

ASP.NET hosting supports the work of the most popular CMS on all versions of .NET and .NET Core: NopCommerce, .NET Forge, DNN, Kentiko, Orchard, Umbraco and many others.

What hosting is good for
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What kind of sites need shared hosting?
What kind of sites need shared hosting?

No website on the Internet can work without hosting. What is it? Shared hosting is a service of providing disk space to store all the data that makes up the site, as well as mailboxes, databases, ftp-accounts, etc. The drive where the space is provided is connected to the Internet. When the user enters a site address into the browser, the system accesses the hosting and the user can see the site and use it. If shared hosting does not work or works poorly, the user's web page will not load or will load slowly or incompletely. Obviously, such a scenario is not happy. That is why it is so important to buy high-quality shared hosting.

There is a related concept - a virtual private server (VPS). This means that the server - a powerful physical machine - is divided into several virtual servers, one of which the user can get. In this case, the client has more features and benefits. For example: administrative rights, root access, own IP-addresses, etc.

Shared hosting is perfect for such sites:

  • Landing or business card site. They do not require large resources, and the control panel is quite simple to set up and easy to use.
  • Corporate website or blog. Our shared hosting supports a variety of CMS, so they will not be difficult to install in the control panel.
  • A small online store. You can set up everything you need to make it work on virtual hosting.

And when do you need a VPS?

This service is in demand for sites that need greater resources, such as big online stores, portals with large amounts of information. Such a server is isolated from the other clients on the same physical machine, withstands significant loads and provides more stable operation. True, its price is also higher.

Why is it so important to order shared hosting from a proven partner?
Why is it so important to order shared hosting from a proven partner?

Suppose something went wrong and your web resource temporarily stopped working. What would the results be?

  • A potential customer who was looking for the desired service, information, or product, came to your page, and it does not work. In this case, he will return hardly. And you have lost a possible customer.
  • The desired service, product or information is available only from you. Suppose the visitor is persistent and comes to the site several times. And, in the end, he will wait until everything works. But he will already be in a negative mood, and this mood can be transferred to everything with which he will deal with you. It is difficult to expect loyalty in this case.
  • Regular "falls" of the site negatively affect the results in search engines, and then the efforts spent on promotion will be wasted, and the resource will not be able to get high positions. And high positions, on the other hand, increase the number of purchases and the volume of services being ordered.
Why should you order shared hosting from RealHOST?
Why should you order shared hosting from RealHOST?
  1. Security. With our web hosting, your website will work steadily and without interruption, no matter the scale - from a small one-page to a large web resource or an online store.
  2. Workability. We do everything for your convenience: an intuitive control panel interface, payment reminders for smooth operation, free SSL certificates and a very long list of other little things you need to make your web resource always available to users, and you can manage it quickly and easily.
  3. Smart support. Regardless of the level of the administrator who maintains the site, sometimes you need the advice of hosting tech support. We always answer clearly and quickly any questions about shared hosting and not only.