Virtual hosting

Any person who wants to create their own website, online store or promotional page, must resolve the issue with the placement of its online resource. At first glance, the task does not seem difficult, because you can simply put the site on your personal computer and work at your pleasure. But just such an arrangement is characterized by a huge number of pitfalls that can scare away even the most experienced user. For example, to install the site on a personal PC, at least broadband internet is required and preferably from several providers simultaneously. In this case, the PC will have to work non-stop, as only in this case, visitors to the Internet site will have constant access to it. In addition, a working computer will need to install software that is not easy to use and install, so it is more expedient to place the website on a hosting.

Hosting is a unique service, which essence is to provide places on the server for hosting websites, promotional pages, applications, etc. Simply speaking, any user can buy a place on a specialized company's server to place his own web-page. At the same time, he can be completely sure in uninterrupted access to the Internet 24/7 and uninterrupted access to his files, placed there.


Buy virtual hosting for websites, online stores and promotional pages


Surely, those who enter the site address in the browser do not think at all about where the pictures, information and design come from. But the selected site is loaded only because somewhere is a powerful server which memory store all important information: materials with the contents of the site that are loaded at the moment when visitors come to the resource. And of course, the more popular is the Internet platform, the more resources for active work it will need.

In this case, hosting is the most relevant solution to all problems. The service is paid and the price varies depending on the type of hosting and the customer's wishes. Rental locations and capacities on the server make available specialized hosting providers, which include the company RealHOST (shared-hosting). The main goal of the hoster is to provide the client with high-quality virtual hosting services in Ukraine, due to which the site will be available to other users around the clock.


Reliable virtual hosting from RealHOST in Ukraine


Hosting provider RealHOST guarantees customers a low-cost, but at the same time very reliable hosting with good support. It should be noted that for the most effective support of virtual hosting company uses:

  • own infrastructure of name-servers (NS);
  • provides registration of domains and SSL certificates on the Internet;
  • provides professional technical support, as well as competent advice from RealHOST experts on how to set up hosting sites, business card sites and online stores.

Shared hosting from RealHOST is a confirmation of the fact that in Ukraine you can buy hosting at a reasonable price and, at the same time, you can get reliable hosting with excellent support and many advantages. RealHOST is all that is needed (and even more) for effective work and active growth of websites. In addition, shared hosting has never been so simple, comfortable and affordable, as RealHOST.

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