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Order Stor-500 - 3 mo

Order Hosting services stor-500 for 3 mo | RealHOST

It's a good choice!

The Stor-500 tariff is the modern way to protect your data storage.

Upload your data to cloud-based online storage, and download, upload, view, or modify it from any Internet-connected device when you need it, wherever you are.

TP/SMB cloud storage is particularly popular:

  • with development teams and system administrators using backups of projects, websites, and program code;
  • with accountants and lawyers who remotely store important files and documents that will never again be lost on a flash drive or disappear with a failed hard drive on a laptop or computer;
  • among users who need reliable storage of large amounts of video, photo and music files that can be accessed from anywhere in Ukraine, Europe, or the world.

If you have any internet-connected device in your hand, your data stored in our cloud storage will always be at your fingertips.

Efficient work on RealHOST hosting :)

3 mo
disk DISK
500 GB
ftp FTP
smb SMB
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