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Order Stor-1000 - 1 mo

Order Hosting services stor-1000 for 1 mo | RealHOST

A balanced decision!

Stor-1000 is a budget file storage plan.

If you are short of storage space for any type of data - be it backups of projects and websites, VPS and databases, or images and regular files, etc., you can use the RealHOST provider's disk space for this purpose.

Time-consuming maintenance of storage devices, spending money to purchase equipment for the growing amount of data - all of this will bypass you if you order FTP/SMB cloud file storage service.

Store your important information securely on the provider's servers, connect at any time, and perform the operations you need with your files.

Good luck with RealHOST hosting :)

1 mo
disk DISK
1000 GB
ftp FTP
smb SMB
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