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Order Stor-100 - 1 mo

Order Hosting services stor-100 for 1 mo | RealHOST

A reasonable choice!

Stor-100 FTP/SMB tariff will be useful if you:

  • are a programmer or administrator - for reliable storage of backups of virtual servers, websites, databases, etc.;
  • are a photographer, designer, or work with video - and you want to have constant access to your files even from your phone anywhere connected to the Internet;
  • want to ensure efficient accounting work and want to avoid losing important information;
  • are a person who simply prefers to secure your photos, videos, and scans of documents in a safe place, and get instant access to them at the first necessity.

Use budget-friendly file storage!

Have a productive RealHOST hosting experience :)

1 mo
disk DISK
100 GB
ftp FTP
smb SMB
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