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Order Stor-10 - 1 mo

Order Hosting services stor-10 for 1 mo | RealHOST

Congratulations, you've made a practical choice!

With Stor-10 FTP/SMB tariff, you will be provided with confidence in the reliable storage and safety of your files.

This minimal package will be useful if you need to store and access backups of small websites, development projects, accounting databases, video, photo, or music files, etc.


  • you have concerns about the security of the data you store on your devices
  • you don't have enough space to accommodate the massive amount of important information on your own devices
  • you worry about losing important and valuable data
  • you simply move around a lot and it is inconvenient to carry a lot of devices with you, and you need to have access to the information you need at all times,

Use a cloud storage service from RealHOST.

Upload your data to our storage and in case you need it, wherever you are - download, upload, view, modify it from any Internet-connected device.

Enjoy your work on RealHOST hosting :)

1 mo
disk DISK
10 GB
ftp FTP
smb SMB
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