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Ubuntu 24.04 release


We are pleased to announce that our hosting has expanded its template collection. A new version of the most popular Linux distribution - Ubuntu 24.04 LTS has become available for installation from today.  This stable release with long-term support named «Noble Numbat», was introduced by Canonical on April 25, 2024, and its support is planned for 12 years, until 2036.


The developers celebrated the distribution's 20th anniversary with this release. For the first time, Ubuntu Desktop LTS uses the same installation technology as Ubuntu Server. Ubuntu 24.04 LTS runs on the latest Linux 6.8 kernel with improved system call performance. And like all other versions, «Noble Numbat» is stable software traditionally characterized by easy deployment and ease of use

So, we invite our noble users to check out this template in action and wish you a pleasant experience on our hosting!