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PHP 8.1 support


PHP 8.1 is available on RealHOST hosting!

Dear friends!
We are glad to announce that the RealHOST hosting has an opportunity to use the PHP 8.1 version.
The developers have done a lot of work on optimizing the code and made the language more efficient. This is evidenced by an increase in data processing speed by 23% in the Symfony Demo test and an acceleration in the launch of WordPress sites by 3.5%.
PHP 8.1 has a number of nice updates, including:

  • a never return type that tells the program that the function never returns (never can be used to indicate that the function will actually stop the application thread);
  • read-only-properties that cannot be changed after the program is initialized (marking class properties for read-only access, information in such properties can be written only once);
  • support for fibers, that is, blocks of code that can be started and stopped at any time (fibers, "green threads" - a low-level mechanism for concurrency control);
  • support for Just-In-Time-mode for processors with ARM64 architecture;
  • the ability to enumerate objects, which allows you to replace the declaration of constants inside a class with an enumeration of variables in the body of the enum function;
  • and much more.

More detailed information about the innovations in PHP 8.1 can be found, as always, in the official blog of developers.
We wish you pleasant work!