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PHP 8.0 is already available on RealHOST hosting!


PHP 8.0!

From today on the hosting RealHOST, it became possible to use the PHP 8.0 version, officially presented at the end of 2020.
PHP 8.0 – this is a significant update to the PHP language. It contains a number of useful features and optimizations, including:

  • Named Arguments - passing values in a function by name;
  • Union Type -  allows you to set explicitly two or more valid value types;
  • Constructor Property Promotion - simplified definition of properties in the constructor;
  • match selection operator (Match Expressions) - in some moments it is a more convenient replacement for switch;
  • Nullsafe Operator – when calling the method chaining makes it possible to do without separate conditional checks for null;
  • Just In Time Compilation – significantly improves efficiency when performing operations where processor performance is of prime importance.
  • as well as improvements to the type system, error handling and consistency, and more.

PHP 8.0 support is present in all tariff plans.