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CEPH cloud storage


We are pleased to share our new achievement. We have successfully implemented cloud storage based on SDS Ceph on hosting!


The work was carried out in the background for several months, there were many sleepless nights. We tried our best to minimize the possible impact on the work of existing customers.

Now that the testing and deployment period is over, we have a failover, unlimited expandable disk platform, which currently consists of 8 Supermicro servers, interconnected by two dedicated SANs based on the Infiniband 40GBps network.

Now our Ceph storage provides two RBD pools (block devices):

TIER-1 ALL FLASH, where only SSD drives for virtual servers are used

TIER-2 with standard discs SATA-III + SSD journalling for backups and file storages


This qualitative change significantly increases the stability and expandability of the RealHOST hosting platform, which improves the quality of services and allows us to make tariffs even more flexible and interesting for you.