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ASP.NET 6 Hosting


On November 8, 2021, Microsoft announced the publication of a new stable version (LTS) of the .NET 6 platform

We are really excited to inform you that from today all ASP.NET hosting plans support the operation of this platform on our hosting.

Features of the new release:

  • Significantly improved performance, including file I/O optimization.
  • The Hot Reload feature is available, which provides a means to edit code on the fly at runtime, allowing you to make changes without manually stopping execution and without setting breakpoints. The developer can run the application under the "dotnet watch" control, after which the changes made to the code are automatically applied to the running application, which allows you to immediately observe the result.
  • Added "dotnet monitor" utility to access diagnostic information for dotnet process.
  • Blazor, a framework for building C # web applications, adds support for rendering Razor components from JavaScript and for integrating with existing JavaScript applications.
  • Added support for compiling .NET code into a WebAssembly representation.
  • And much more, for more details see the documentation on the company's website

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