How to connect an additional IP address for the server

Each RealHOST virtual server receives one dedicated IP address (version 4) from the provider's pool of available addresses during registration. 

It is also possible to order additional IP addresses for the server. For this:

IP addresses are ordered in the hosting billing system

1. Go to the section Products/Services - Virtual servers


2. Select a server and click the IP addresses button


3. Then click the Order button and in the form:

  • Specify the number of required addresses
  • Check the "Restart server" checkbox
  • Add order to cart


  • Then follow the instructions to pay for the order from the cart. After payment, IP addresses for the server will be assigned.

Please note!

The issued IP addresses are NOT automatically applied to the server configuration.. After registering them in the billing system, you should make changes to the configuration of the network interfaces of the operating system by yourself.

The number of IPv4 addresses that are available for ordering add-ons, depends on the server's tariff plan.

  • KVM-S1 - 3 addresses
  • KVM-S2 - 5 addresses
  • KVM-S3 - 8 addresses
  • KVM-S4 - 10 addresses
  • KVM-S5 - 13 addresses
  • KVM-S6 - 16 addresses
  • KVM-WS1 - 3 addresses
  • KVM-WS2 - 6 addresses
  • KVM-WS3 - 10 addresses
  • KVM-WS4 - 16 addresses