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How to change PHP environment variables for a site

To define environment variables for a PHP site, you need to create a special file .user.ini, in the root directory of the site, where you should specify the necessary variables and their values.

Variables are specified in the same format as they are defined in the file php.ini, for example:

magic_quotes_gpc = Off;
register_globals = Off;
default_charset = UTF-8;
memory_limit = 64M;
max_execution_time = 36000;
upload_max_filesize = 999M;
safe_mode = Off;
mysql.connect_timeout = 20;
session.auto_start = Off;
session.use_only_cookies = On;
session.use_cookies = On;
session.use_trans_sid = Off;
session.cookie_httponly = On;
session.gc_maxlifetime = 3600;
allow_url_fopen = on;

Note! PHP variables and flags defined in .htaccess files will not work. All of them should be transferred to the .user.ini file