If you already have a purchased SSL certificate from any certification authority, you should install it as follows: 

1. It is necessary to convert the existing certificate file(s) using the private key with which CSR-query has been created. To do this, use the utility openssl, run the command in the console

openssl pkcs12 -export -out mysite.pfx -inkey mysite.key -in mysite.crt -certfile mysite-ca.crt


  • mysite.key - private domain key
  • mysite.crt - SSL certificate in pem-format
  • mysite-ca.crt - CA intermediate certificate in pem-format
  • mysite.pfx - file to be created as a result of the command

To generate a PFX file from a certificate, you can also use an online service, for example:


2. When the PFX file is created, upload it by clicking the "Upload Certificate" button in the site properties.

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3. When downloading, specify the password for the PFX certificate that was specified when creating the PFX file.

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