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Order PHP-MIDDLE - 3 mo

Order shared hosting service php-middle for 3 mo | RealHOST

No doubt, a great choice!

One of the most demanded packages for hosting sites with PHP support.

It is as convenient as possible for dynamically developing sites. Suitable for both novice users and advanced programmers. You will be able to place and develop your projects flexibly using the resources of the tariff.

A collection of scripts for deploying popular CMS, all versions of the PHP interpreter - the tariff guarantees convenient hosting and stable project work.

By purchasing paid hosting with PHP and MySQL support for 3 months at once, you save 1,5% in comparison with a monthly payment.

Enjoy your time on RealHOST hosting :)

3 mo
mailboxes MAILBOXES
75 pcs
sites SITES
15 pcs
domains DOMAINS
15 pcs
databases DATABASES
15 pcs
disk DISK
30 GB
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