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Order PHP-JUNIOR - 6 mo

Order shared hosting service php-junior for 6 mo | RealHOST

Hurry up and order, it's a good choice!

The tariff plan includes all the features of the PHP-JUNIOR plan for a shorter period.

But when ordering for 6 months, you get a nice 3% discount.

Simple projects, sites on which information is rarely added, light projects in development, or testing for programmers will work equally quickly with this tariff.

Professional technical support, daily backups, and a free SSL certificate, if necessary, complement the comfortable use of the tariff.

Enjoy your time on RealHOST hosting :)

6 mo
mailboxes MAILBOXES
5 pcs
sites SITES
3 pcs
domains DOMAINS
3 pcs
databases DATABASES
3 pcs
disk DISK
10 GB
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