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Order ASP-JUNIOR - 3 mo

Order shared hosting service asp-junior for 3 mo | RealHOST


The tariff is convenient for an easy start on the Internet of small business card sites, portfolio sites, or landing pages.

Within a few minutes after registering for the hosting, you will be able to set up an account, develop a project, add users to your account, or send messages from webmail.

The ASP-JUNIOR tariff is also a good choice for novice webmasters who create sites in the .net family languages.

When you pay for 3 months you get a nice discount of 1,5% of the base cost.

Enjoy your time on RealHOST hosting :)


3 mo
mailboxes MAILBOXES
10 pcs
sites SITES
2 pcs
domains DOMAINS
2 pcs
databases DATABASES
2 pcs
disk DISK
5 GB
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