VPS servers How to connect free backup storage?

f you have ordered the Virtual Server service (one or several), a hosting billing system will provide the ability to connect a file storage for free, which can be used to back up server data. To connect the storage, follow these steps:


1. Go to Products / Services - FTP / SMB Storage

2. Select the Stor-0 tariff by clicking on the "Order" button


3. Enter the IP address (from which the access to the storage will be provided) in the field and click "Add to cart" button 


4. Click "Activate" button


5. Go to the Products / Services - FTP / SMB Storage section and click the "Edit" button


6. Server address, login and password are indicated in the corresponding fields. Use them to access the repository.



To connect storage via CIFS / SMB protocol, use the CLOUD domain name before the user login, for example:


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