How to use built-in site DDoS protection

On PHP hosting, you can configure basic site protection against DoS and DDoS attacks. When such protection is enabled, blocking IP addresses from which too many requests are received is enabled.

To operate the protection, the ngx_http_limit_req_module is used, which allows you to limit the processing speed of requests for a given key or requests from one IP address.

To enable DoS protection, do the following:

Settings should be done in the PHP hosting control panel

1. Go to the WWW - WWW domains section


2. Select a site and click the Edit button


3. In the WWW - domain section, enable the "Enable DDoS protection" option


4. Next, in the "Protection against DDos attack" section, specify the values


Attention, be careful!

IP addresses that fall under the filter are completely blocked for 5 minutes.