How to connect the missing PHP modules for the site

To support each created site, an environment and a set of standard configurations for the current version of the PHP language are created on the hosting. The standard configuration includes the main, mostly used PHP language modules.

However, for some sites, it may be necessary to connect the missing modules or disconnect the already connected ones. The hosting control panel allows the user to control manually the availability of PHP modules for a website.  

To go to the management of PHP modules of a website:

Settings should be done in the PHP hosting control panel

1. Go to the WWW - WWW domains section


2. Determine the current language version of the site


3. Go to WWW - PHP section


4. Select the PHP version and click the "CGI and LSAPI Extensions" button


5. Select the desired module, control buttons Enable/Disable


Pay attention!

The configuration of modules is determined for a specific version of the PHP language (not for a specific site). In other words, if you have several sites on the same PHP version in your account, one set of modules will be available for each of them, defined in the form above.