Setting up automatic renewal of hosting services

Automatic renewal of services is a setting that allows the user to renew the services of a hosting account automatically if there is a sufficient amount of funds on the balance.

This is convenient, since there is no need to remember the expiration dates of the services, you just need to replenish the balance in advance. If the function is enabled, the renewal of services will be performed automatically.

After payment and activation of the ordered service, automatic renewal for it is set by default for the period for which the service is ordered. Auto-renewal is triggered on the last day of the service.

To set up this function, enter your billing account and

1. In the Products/Services section, select the service for which you want to enable auto-renewal and click the Change button in the top menu


2. In the line “Automatic renewal” select the desired period for which the service will be renewed when its validity period expires, click OK.


Your services will automatically renew if

  • you have activated this function (set the auto-renewal period)
  • there is a sufficient amount of funds on your personal account for renewal at the time of renewal.

If there are not enough funds on the balance, the service will be stopped until the personal account is replenished.

Billing automatically sends the user notifications about the expiring period of the service and that there are not enough funds on the personal account for auto-renewal 5,4,3,2,1,0 days before this period.

You can deactivate or change the period of automatic renewal of your services from your personal account at any time.

Important! After registering in the billing, be sure to confirm your e-mail in order to receive automatic notifications about the duration of services, the need to replenish the balance, the renewal of services, costs, etc.