How to order a hosting service

There are two ways to order any hosting service in RealHOST:

1. Order on the site

1.1. In the top menu, select the service you are interested in, the desired tariff, payment term and click the Order button

Please note, the longer the service period you choose when ordering, the lower the cost of the service per month.

In the future, the tariff for shared hosting and VPS services can be changed. You can find out how to do this in the articles in the knowledge base:


1.2. In the form that opens, fill in the required fields for ordering and select the required service parameters from the drop-down list.

If necessary, here you can add additional resources for use in the tariff. Move the slider to the desired value. Your changes (number of resources and cost) will be displayed on the right in the Order Details and will be included in the total order amount.

1.3. Check all the details of the order and click the "Go to pay" button.


1.4. Choose your preferred payment method, fill in the required fields, pay for the service.


After successful payment, an email with order details and instructions for completing the purchase of the service will be sent to the specified contact email.

Also, you will be automatically registered (for new users) in the billing hosting panel (where you find information about all the ordered services, their validity periods, payments, etc. You will receive a corresponding letter to your email address.

If you are already a registered user, after successful payment for the order and activation of the service, it will appear in the relevant section of the billing panel.

2. Order through the billing panel

This method of ordering service can be used in the Billing Panel.

To order a service:

2.1. Register (for new users) in the billing panel or sign in to a personal account with your credentials (for registered users).

2.2. In the taskbar, click the "Order a service" button and select the desired type of service


Or in the left side menu in the Products/Services section, click on the type of service you want to order.


2.3. Next, select the order period, tariff, click the Order button


In the next steps:

  • specify the parameters of the service
  • If necessary, add additional resources to be used in the tariff
  • click the "Add to cart" buttonу
  • and at the next stage - the Pay button

2.4. Following the prompts, select your preferred payment method, create (or select an existing) Payer and complete the payment


After successful payment, an email will be sent to the specified contact email with order details and instructions.